Mags Murray RIP

Dear Councillors,

It is with a sad heart that we are notifying you of the passing of our former colleague and former Chairperson of LAMA, Mags Murray. Mags sadly passed away on Saturday after an illness.

Mags was an excellent Councillor. She served on Fingal Council for 15 year’s from 2004 to 2019 and was Chairperson of LAMA for five year’s from 2014 to 2019. Mags lit up every room she entered. She was a hard worker, a caring politician and a loving mother.

Many of us on the LAMA Executive got to know Mags’ daughter Aoife because she traveled everywhere with Mags. To Aoife and her siblings Niall and Amy, to Mags’ husband Gary and father Connie, her extended family and many friends, the LAMA Executive offer our deepest sympathy and prayers at this sad time.

Rest In Peace Mags,

Chairperson of LAMA

Cllr Micheal Anglim

General Secretary of LAMA

Cllr John Sheehan